Comment: I don't know Realman 2020

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I don't know Realman 2020

Think I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one.

“People speaking Spanish when they can speak English well breeds mistrust among those who do not speak Spanish.”
That is an opinion. That is YOUR opinion. It is not a fact. I don’t feel that way when people around me are speaking a different language even if they know English.

“Many times these people who can speak English speak Spanish behind people's backs because they are not man enough or lady enough to say it in English is an act of cowards.”
How old are you? Does it even really matter what someone says about you behind your back? You do you. Be confident and proud of yourself and your choices and who you are and it doesn’t matter what someone else says about you if you know who you are and what you are as a person.

“It would never fly in Russia”
There are a lot of things that would never fly in Russia…. Should America adapt some of those policies also? Or are we just picking and choosing at random?

“There is only room for one American flag and one Language and that is English.”
‘Murica Rocks!!!!!

I also hate being grammar police and this is the first time I have ever resorted to these tactics here, but if you are going to go on a rant about English and it's proper use; you have a few sentence fragments, you changed tense a couple times, and you said ‘no one’ where it should be ‘anyone.’ Just a few minor things like that. I do it all the time myself, I probably missed about a ton of commas in this post alone, just thought I’d help ya out though.

Oh, PS have fun in Russia. After taking a Russian lit class a couple semesters ago Moscow has moved it's way onto my list of places I am trying to get to within the next few years. I loved Russian literature. I love American literature also.