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Of course -

Of course the parallel here is perfect. Despite what the religion- and tradition-hating convention wants to believe about "God", the Cherokee had their own belief.

The Wahnenauhi Manuscript calls God Unetlanvhi, a word that simply means "The maker of all things", and Kalvlvtiahi, "The one who lives above all". These two words both describe the same God of Creation and Lord of Heaven and Earth to the Cherokee. It sounds a lot like Jehovah God . . .

What is often translated into English as "The Great Spirit," the Cherokee believed that Unetlanvhi ruled over all things and was the one who created the Earth. This God is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, called The Creator. To see this God as Father is no stretch of logic at all.

Thank you, emalvini. This was an excellent and very thought-provoking post.