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But the bible, from the beginning of the Levitical priesthood, plainly defines that the Levitical priesthood is determined by the bloodline of Levi. This is reaffirmed in Jeremiah 33 where Yahweh says that the descendants of Levi will always be priests. He even compares it to the covenant he made after the flood in Genesis 8:22. If day and night stop their natural pattern, then the Levites could be rejected, but I haven't noticed any changes in the heavenly clockworks.

You talk about Messiah being a priest and us being priests: perhaps you didn't realize that there are multiple priesthoods concurrent. When the NT calls us priests it is actually quoting Exodus, the very book where the Levitical priesthood is defined. All Hebrews are a priesthood, and the Levites are another priesthood, just like there are subfamilies of Levites that are still other priesthoods. Melchizedek is still another priesthood, they don't have to be supplanting each other, they coexist. Just some food for thought. I realize my views are radical, but I don't see how anyone who has read Jeremiah 33 can explain away what it plainly says. Just like with the other parts of the OT, I think forever means forever.

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