Comment: update, CSP calls missing

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update, CSP calls missing

Sydney Morning Herald

"Other calls made that day from mobile phones were routed through the 911 system of the Connecticut State Police; those recordings have not been made public.

Those calls included one from a woman who was shot in the foot and a parent in the building at the time of the shooting, according to court records."

The blogger was correct. The CT State Police tapes are missing. When they expect us to believe a single 112 lb. shooter carried 30 lbs. of weapons and ammo and did all that shooting, then they require demolition workers to sign "non-disclosure" agreements on anything they see during demolition, we have a right to all the information. Not to mention men seen runing from the school and police scanner of officers looking for a van full of nuns with its rear window shot out. Release the CSP audio.

Release the Sandy Hook video.