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Wow, I am really

astonished by the huge number of down votes on this article! I honestly do not have a racist bone in my body, but I clearly understand and agree with most of what this poster is conveying. How can so many people who claim to want to protect the sovereignty of our nation complain when someone actually suggests the importance of maintaining a cohesion of language and culture. There is no arguing the fact that the vast majority of the immigrants of past who migrated to this county respected our culture and ideals and part of that respect included learning our language. How can any country maintain any semblance of unity without a common language? Why is it only in America that people scream "racist" if we fail to accommodate every single foreigner who chooses to come here and call this country his home? There is no other country on this earth who is expected to accommodate all people of all languages or be accused or being intolerant or inconsiderate or even racist. That's because the truth is, for a country to survive as a unique and sovereign nation there must be a common language, culture and unity and TPTB recognize this and have been working overtime to destroy all of these things in the USA under the tyranny of political correctness. It is simply not practical to cater to every person who happens to speak a foreign language who comes to our nation It also creates a situation of disunity and divisiveness, which is exactly what TPTB want. How can we possibly be united as a nation without a common language? It is sheer lunacy to suggest that you can and I am baffled by the number of people on the DP that clearly do not seem to get that.