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Good with the Bad? America doesn't need Cops at all...

"A well regulated MILITIA being NECESSARY to the SECURITY of a FREE state, the right to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS shall NOT be infringed."

Does the US Constitution say anything about creating a separate group of people granted greater authority and more rights than other citizens, in order to enforce unpopular laws passed by government(s) that often violate the Constitution itself? No.

Cops, and their personal decisions to enforce unjust, unconstitutional laws, just because their 'superiors' tell them to, are one of the major reasons our Republic is so corrupt, and on the brink of collapse into authoritarian collectivism.

In America, based on the Constitution, The People were meant to be the enforcers of the Law upon themselves, thereby preventing unpopular laws from being enforced. Your Praetorian Guard / Constable on Patrol system, is what Monarchies like England, and the Roman empire employed, to keep the ruling class ruling over their subjects.

Please, go ahead and explain to your fellow Americans why our Constitution just can't work, is just utopian fantasy reserved for radicals and extremists, and why we just need to continue to employ your highly corruptible, tyrannical system where we accept a little good with lots of bad...

Corruption in cities like NYC in the early 20th century, is what led to the early American 'police forces' being created. Before that, the closest thing we had to cops were the local Sheriffs.
Sheriffs are perfectly constitutional. Sheriffs were/are elected by the people, and then the Sheriff would deputize citizens when needed.

I suggest you check out a thread I started here on DP, lemme know what you think...

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