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Congratulations on your desire to learn German! :)

Hello, Carsten :)

It is so nice to see you have German Ancestry and yearn to learn German. It would open a whole new world of possibilities and interests for you.

I grew up in Latin America. Spanish is my first language. I learnt English in Latin America because as a child I loved The Beatles and I wanted to know what they were singing about, so my mother worked extra hours so she could pay for me to attend a private school I attended after my regular school hours, so my love for English was my love for Art and Culture. Zero plans of moving to The United States at the time.

The people of the country I grew up in are highly educated, and schools teach Spanish, English and French. We look to Europeans as Highly Educated people who speak many languages. I am a Professional Interpreter (Spanish & English) and I still feel that two languages are not enough. I am a musician as well, so I wish I could speak Italian and Portuguese as well. A current romantic interest is a Brazilian girl. She speaks SEVEN languages. THAT is impressive and so very attractive. If she were to read this post she would think the person who wrote it is incredibly ignorant and uneducated and if you ask people who speak more than one language what they think of those who only speak one, the word that comes to mind is "Limited". Nothing wrong with being limited to one language, but...

Now, to take PRIDE in knowing and promoting only ONE language? That is promoting limitation and ignorance. To her, myself and anyone mildly educated, we look at that as truly backwards bordering on the barbaric.

I wish you much success in your pursuit of culture and knowledge.

Umarmungen (((Hugs)))

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