Comment: Let me get this straight

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Let me get this straight

So you come on to a liberty loving website to push your authoritarian views on language? Get a life!

If you care at all about liberty then you have to at least afford people the liberty to speak the language they want to.

I have a hard time understanding why you even care about this? If you don't speak Spanish and the Spanish speaker doesn't want to learn English to talk to you or vice versa, so what, don't talk to each other. Now if you are upset about being the subject of insults in Spanish, well by judging from your post here, you probably deserve it.

I wonder if you know that in a part of the US, that Spanish is the native language. Puerto Rico. In PR the US tried to force the population to speak English but it didn't work and they eventually gave up. The intelligent people of Puerto Rico learn English as they have to to do business with the States. So what of the ones who don't learn English? Nothing, they just deal in Spanish and communicate with other Spanish speakers, leaving themselves at a disadvantage.

There is no reason that English should remain "the language" of the United States and it won't. One day we might all be speaking Chinese.

Why don't you take a Spanish course and try to bridge the gap between you and these usurpers? You'd give yourself an advantage over those who don't speak Spanish, but then you'd be giving in and be accommodating, right?

Or you could ultimately follow your argument to it's conclusive end and take it upon yourself to learn Navajo or Iroquois or some other Native American language depending on the part of the country you are from, you know, so you could speak the language of the land you've chosen to call home.

Just as with currency we should all be free to use the language that we deem appropriate.