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3 better than 2

I didn't say anything about government telling people which language they have to use. I do have relatives in Canada who are burdened by bi-lingual requirements. one cousin lost her government job. She was allowed three months to learn french when a different government came to power. She didn't ad lost her job. Another cousin did great at all his engineering classes but couldn't master French. He wound up being hired as an engineer but he never graduated. On the more positive side, one of my uncles married a French-Canadian. He and two of his brothers were buying a cow herd from a retiring French speaking couple. They conducted their discussion in French knowing that the purchasers spoke English. My first mentioned uncle just translated their french conversation into Norwegian to his brothers. I guess the moral is that speaking three languages is better than speaking two but that having just to languages is divisive and a pain in the rear. It looks like it is our government's policy to proceed to that unnecessary conflict.