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just some food for thought for you

When I was going to culinary school, I was one of two white women in a class of 200 students, over 50% were Hispanic.. one project we worked on, the students that I was grouped with were all Hispanic, and they conversed in Spanish, to the point I felt excluded from the group. I understand Spanish better than speak it, and at one point I could not follow the conversation, and I asked for what was said to be repeated. I was told, "Learn Spanish because you're not going to get a job unless you speak Spanish." This was over a decade ago.. and in many ways what I was told is correct.. because corporations and other have pay scales, they hire Spanish speaking people to do labor. so, if you are going to chef a kitchen, you must speak Spanish... because if you don't.. you won't have a crew.. and the same time I was in school.. I found out that the Strikliy Spanish speaking in the USA were sabotaging Taco Bells and other facilities.. When the owner was around, everything was great.. when the owner was not around.. they would refuse to serve people and trash the palce, until the owner had to sell, and guess who's family buys the restaurant? after 11 Taco Bells went under in Oakland and reopened as other taco places.. there was finally an investgation.. but I am sure that this practice is not limited to Hiapanic speaking or the restaurant industry.. Now.. If I was in Mexico I would do my best to speak Spanish.. it's respect. Something we seem to have lost.