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So is that who

we are modeling as a nation now, Switzerland? A socialist country, is that who we are aspiring to be now? The highway signs must get very confusing. I don't know about Switzerland, but what I do know about is my country, the United States, and up until only a few decades ago, the vast, vast majority of people that immigrated here respected this country enough to learn our language and it worked out just fine. Although many people maintained their native languages, they also took the time to learn the prevailing language, the English language and under no circumstances did they demand that the people of this country cater to their every need. They looked at being here as a privilege, not a right and they came to work hard and contribute to society, not to make demands of it. It's no coincidence that this change coincides with all of the other changes which have been made to our culture who's ultimate goal is to destroy it. They are getting pretty close I would say.