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Translation of The Above:

Translation of the above (there are errors is Spanish, but so what):

Mark Dran writes:

My Spanish is not perfect, but...

"I believe that if we had a Daily Paul in Spanish, The world would be a better place".

Mark: Puedes juntar a un grupo de amigos de habla hispana de gente de alrededor del mundo y escoger los mejores articulos de aqui, traducirlos y crear un website similar a este. Eso seria maravilloso. Quieres ver un video traducido que vale la pena compartir? He aqui:

From Wisdom Strategies: I just wrote to Mark: "You can get a group of Spanish speaking friends from around the world and pick some of the best articles from here, translate them and create a similar website to this one. That would be wonderful. Would you like to see a translated video worth sharing?

And THERE YOU HAVE IT, People. Instead of LIMITING knowledge, knowledge should be as many languages as we can :)

Wisdom Strategies