Comment: You deliberately changed the wording of the DoI

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You deliberately changed the wording of the DoI

How can you deny that?
TJ wrote: "All men are CREATED equal." I'll cap the word again - CREATED.
You want to see differences where there are none. You want to make out as if some people are just 'born' great while others are born 'less than' human.
You are also dismissing the part where he states that we are 'endowed by our Creator', meaning everyone gets the same advantages of the certain, meaning 'ensured' natural rights all human beings are endowed with. You cherry pick without consuming the entire thought process. TJ acknowledges a Higher Power has created us. You can dismiss that all you want, but it is the fact of the document. By acknowledging a Creator, he acknowledges and incorporates a higher mindset within the doc, includes spiritual implications, which is why he can state that we are all created equal. All are equal in His eyes and we should adopt that same view.
TJ never wrote about what we did with those freedoms once we 'came of age' because he wanted to convey that everyone starts at the same gate when we come into being and no one should forget that. How we finish the race is decided by our own self-determination and physical abilities. Have you never watched Gattaca? Free-will is just another way of saying self-determination.
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"but you don't offer any evidence or logic to substantiate your point."
I don't even know how to address this accusation. To me it's self-evident.
I live in a village where all do as they please as long as no one harms another. We all have our waste ditches around our houses. Everyone's waste ditch is starting to stink. We get together and decide we need to ditch the ditch and get a dump far away from the village. Some don't have the means or will to go to the dump so the village decides to give the job to Harry, who says he doesn't mind doing that for a reasonable fee. Some people say that's fine, others say they'll go to the dump themselves. No problem. A just power has been conferred onto another. But then Harry starts to up the fee and people don't like that. So Al steps in to compete with Harry. The problem that could arise is that Harry and his minions like this monopoly a bit too much and try to force Al out of business or harrasses those who switch to Al's service. That the scheme started out fair and just according to those who agreed to the proposal does not change because Harry became a thug. What something becomes has nothing to do with how something begins.
And that's your problem. You want to equate 'now' with 'then'. The dump plan was a great solution until somebody took advantage of the situtation. Harry lost his virtue.
Your post isn't about Constitutions so crying about how corrupt all govts have become doesn't fit. You chose the DoI which laid out founding principles of "we are all created equal", "we all have natural and unalienable rights endowed by a higher power", "governments are created by us because we know we can't do it all so we confer certain powers to the govt but if that govt becomes corrupt we have the right to abolish it."
In my opinion, you picked the wrong document to disparage. The principles laid out in the DoI are as near to perfection as is humanly possible.
Look up Claim of Right. That's all the DoI is, a Claim of Right, albeit a CoR of a group and not an individual. I think you don't understand the reason for the doc or what it represents. The DoI was not meant to create a new govt, just lay out Americans' principles and make the case as to why we were abolishing our ties with England. I do appreciate the time you took in writing your thoughts out, but you chose the wrong document to pick apart.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison