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i'll try and find it again

unless you already have. i just saw it last week and i wish i would have saved it but i did not know we would be having crazy bitcoin battles here at dp :)

the way i understand the btc 51% attack is that it would destroy bitcoin by causing double spending thereby killing the goose that lays the golden egg. the miners would not do it because then the btc would be worthless and they would be sol. i'm not a coding expert though and you probably know more about that then me.

also, i would like to give an update on transaction times. this last week i have done a ton of trans and while most of them were instant some took a while. i have determined that for small trans around $100 or so all the e-commerce sites recognized it instantly and don't wait for multiple confirmations.
the trans times are one of btc biggest downfalls compared to other cryptos. i like litecoin and primecoin is very fast too. someone here told me about minecoin which is 10x faster than btc. i may get some of those later although my plate is pretty full already with altcoins.

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