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Thank you!

Yeah, I agree, I thought most of them are stupid. I think I'm pulling for the time-travel one to win. The science-fiction ad in particular was frustrating because it's not really funny at all. If you want to give a slot to a genre-ad that isn't funny, I know one that a lot of people liked...

Here's another ad that I was almost 100% certain would be a finalist:

It's hilarious and very well made. It totally got snubbed. I have a theory, though. This is the first year that they opened the competition up to foreign entrants, and right about half of the semi-finalists come from outside the United States. I have a feeling that Doritos went out of their way to make sure that about half of the entries came from outside the states. The worst of the semi-finalist ads are all international. I'd LOVE to see an analysis of the numbers here, because I have a feeling that while half of the semi-finalists are international, FAR less than half of the entries were international.

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