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Exactly. It was law in Nazi Germany to round up & kill Jews...

... and other "undesirables".

It was law in the USA to capture blacks from the North, often even if they were free, and send them 'back' to slavery in the South. Same scenario for lots of actions or behaviors involving blacks in America, they could be tried and imprisoned for not crossing the street when a white person walked by.

Alcohol prohibition. Same as drug prohibition today.
Cops go out breaking up happy party-goers, destroy families, put harmless individuals in jail for VICTIM-LESS crimes... and then go home and enjoy an illegal drink themselves, or go to their own speak-easy and have a few paid for by kick-backs they get from the corruption they're involved in.
I've got plenty of personal experience stories about corrupt cops... One that's appropriate to share publicly is that my cousin's Ex-husband, state cop, used to brag about how he had some pot in his freezer, so I asked him if he ever busted any kids for pot, he said "Yeah!" with an over confident 'what's-it-to-you?" kind of tone. What a f---ing hypocrite douche-bag...
He then got caught cheating after years of marriage, destroyed the family... Just another scumbag spoiled cop, who thinks his sh!t doesn't stink... go figure...

Cops like NWcityguy2 think the world owes them something. They think they are entitled to enforce their will upon others, even if lethal force will be necessary to achieve it.

"Then it hits home... You gotta pay your own way Eddie..."

- Al Pacino, Devil's Advocate

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?