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Hi Granger

I actually agree with OP in some senses. If you are going to move to a foreign country and look for work, you should probably learn some of the language with a few exceptions. For example when I was looking for work as an English teacher a lot of the schools I applied to in various Asian countries did not want me to already know the language as they wanted their students to have a full on immersion experience and apparently conversing with them even in the slightest using their native language is thought to disrupt that process. Those were the thoughts of my potential employers, not my thoughts necessarily.

What I didn't understand about this post was the idea that we need to declare and enforce an official language. I don't see how that will change anything.

One of his arguments was that this wouldn't happen in Russia. Well.... a lot of things do happen in Russia that wouldn't happen here vice versa.... same with many other countries...oh well. That is hardly an argument to stand on.

Since I have been in Asia, China for a while, the Philippines for a vacation, currently South Korea and heading to Thailand soon I have not once felt completely lost. Why? Because most places have signs in English. Why? Because it is great for business for them to have English people feel comfortable or welcome at a business/restaurant/attraction. That being said, I have also picked up common phrases and have been sure to try my hardest to help with the exchange between myself and the people of the countries I have been visiting.
Also, a lot of the people I interact with have wanted to test their English on me. In fact when I lived in Shanghai there was a little All Days (7-11 style convenience store)right around the corner from me. One of the night clerks spoke very decent English and always lit up when he saw me walk in and wanted to try it with me and he would laugh as I would try my Chinese. It was a human interaction and a lingual exchange and it was fun. No one was forcing someone else to learn something, it was something we both enjoyed doing.

My points of contention with this post were that the arguments were very weak. Besides the Russia thing another argument was that someone might be talking about him behind his back. People can and will do that in English also. It sucks but life goes on. My next point of contention is that I don't want to see anything enforced on a Federal level. What difference would it make?

Speaking of Oakland. CA is my 2nd home. I have tons of friends and family in Southern CA. Heading back to the states soon and will be stopping in CA for a bit before getting back to MI just in time for Xmas and I can't wait for some Mexican food! Tacos..... I love tacos.

Hope all is well Granger. Thanks for your story. I imagine that would have been a bit overwhelming sometimes, but hey.... look at you.... you have said you have dyslexia so all the numbers and whatnot in the recipes and being surrounded by the majority of Spanish speakers..... you pulled through and that is amazing.