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Your analysis

is right on point. Digital currency is the TPTB's ultimate wish since it will be total control. When people started to bring out real money as an alternative, they were sent to prison with very long sentences. Real money cannot be spit out of a printing press like FRNs, and with Digital Currency, they won't even have to invest in paper nor ink - they'll be Going Green!
When you research the money system throughout history, real money was used for thousands of years - gold & silver - and in 1913, the Federal Reserve Act gave absolute power to a cabal of banksters. They proceeded to deceive people to use FRNs backed by hot air, and began to steal people's wealth through inflation. Also, they started to take over all businesses since they have unlimited funds. If people believe Digital currency is real money then I have some Low Fat, Non-GMO Digital Food I'd like to sell them. The world's economic system is TPTB's most prized jewel, so they won't hesitate to put a bullet in a president if he wants to take that control away from them (EO 11110). So if they haven't come down on Bitcoin (I would rather call it Bit-Con), it is because this is playing right into their hands. Why? Because the majority of currency that exists, and is used to trade in the Stock Exchanges daily (trillions), around the world, is purely digital, and they have the most to lose if people don't accept digital currency. If all the "money" they claim to have in their portfolios existed in paper currency, all paper money would be worthless. If people think our yoke is heavy with Fiat currency, just wait until our yoke becomes digital - it will truly be a prison planet.