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I didn't downvote, but this is where my contention came in

First one of his arguments is that this wouldn't fly in Russia.

Well there are a lot of things that would or wouldn't fly in Russia and a lot of other countries. Are we just picking and choosing what we like about Russia and then saying we should do it here?

Next argument is that people could be talking behind his back. Really? People can and will talk about other people behind their back in any language.

So, for starters the arguments seemed a bit weak to me.

Next, I have an issue with the idea that we need to declare and enforce English as the national language. Ummm... What do we do with the people who still don't learn English? Punish them?

You are correct when you say we cannot cater to everyone. However I don't think not declaring English as the national language is catering to certain groups. In the south there are signs in Spanish and English because the population reads and speaks both. I lived in Shanghai for a while. Signs were in Chinese and English because there are tons of European and United States ex pats there and is good for business for the people to be able to get around over there. Huge European populations there setting up businesses along with decent size populations of United States citizens setting up businesses there. It is great for their economy, they like encourage it so it is very easy as an English speaker to get around Shanghai because they cater to English speakers also. But it wasn't just Shanghai, I am in South Korea now and also very easy to get around and it was the same in the Philippines and I will be in Thailand soon and understand that it is similar there also because they do cater to English speakers. This covers people from Canada, The US, England, New Zealand, Australia, and a lot of European countries.

You ask how we can be untied as a nation without a common language? We do have a common language. It is English. Do we need to declare that on a federal level? We just happen to have a lot of people that speak other languages either solely or as well as English.

So as I said I did not downvote, I rarely ever do. If I had, it would have not been under any feeling of need to be politically correct, but that his arguments are weak and the idea of imposing anything at the federal level seems ridiculous and highly authoritative to me.

Also, a world with one language seems about as boring to me as a world with one currency.

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