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I'm not saying that I am not glad that bitcoin is doing what it is doing, and it is an option for people to use. I am simply saying that by definition, it is not money, the same as dollars are not money, and because of that, people should go into it with their eyes wide open.

It is true that people should hold dollars with the same peril, but they currently do not.

In the meantime, let us all hope that the free market alternatives to the greenback become many and effective.

Can you explain to me why the government will have trouble taxing and regulating bitcoin the same as they do gold? Do you not have to pay capital gains on bitcoin(s) if you make a "profit" by buying and selling them? Maybe I'm missing something there, but I would assume that all profit is taxable regardless... which is what helps the dollar keep its stranglehold as a medium of exchange (at least as it relates to gold currently).