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I have a proposal

Let's all speak one language. We will base it on English but take out some of the redundancies and useless parts. For example, we can eliminate the letter c since you can use an s or a k to make that sound. The word car bekomes kar and the word cell bekomes sell. We kan eliminate the double ll and the previous example changes from cell to sel. We kan replase the ph sound and the unnesessary e at the end of som words, so cellphone bekoms selfon. Even w can be replased with v and -ew sounds become u. So we kan bekom ve. It vil be difikult to adjust ven you are learning a nu languag. It kan be very konfusing. Ve kan go further and replas the th vith the z. Ze vord "the" vil be redus to ze vord "ze". Ze leter kombination ou vill soon be o or u depending on ze sund of ze vord so zat ve vil furzer redus ze vords. Ve kan even kombine ze adverb viz ze verb so ve kan be beterspeking viz ozer pepul. Zis vil be ze uber vay to spek.