Comment: Sammy, get a grip. No need to try to misrepresent me..

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Sammy, get a grip. No need to try to misrepresent me..

...and pigeonhole me and others.

I support neither the official story on Sandy Hook nor the official story on 9/11. That should be quite evident from comments I've made on both topics.

Don't even try to make me out to be some mindless, unthinking sheep just because I don't support your ridiculous McCarthyistic behavior.

As for the Jones/Infowars brush you tried to paint me with, anyone can look at my history and see that my posts are from various sources.

I'll take what I like, and I'll reject what I don't like.

I thoroughly appreciate TeamWakeEmUp's Sandy Hook videos, just as I do Corbett's vids on 9/11 and other topics. I can even appreciate your list of questions regarding Sandy Hook that you posed elsewhere in this thread.

But I'll pass on your attempts at boxing people into your imaginary molds so you can try to malign them.

While you're pestering Michael and the mods with your tattling and witch hunts, I'll be enriching myself from the plethora of information brought forth here, from sources you may or may not like, and by members you may or may not like.

While you're busy patting yourself on the back and making laughable comparisons between yourself and Ron Paul, I'll glean where I can.

There may be value where one least expects it. ;)