Comment: Exactly, Pete.

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Exactly, Pete.

Hello, Pete. Exactly. I am 100% fluent in both Spanish (my mother tongue) and English, which I learnt in Latin America because of my love of music. I wanted to know what all of these musicians I loved from childhood were talking about, beginning with The Beatles.

I have an advantage over anyone who speaks only English, as I have an advantage over anyone who speaks only Spanish. A current romantic interest of mine is a Brazilian girl: She speaks SEVEN languages. That is truly impressive and attractive. She is even less restricted than I am.

Who takes pride in being restricted and limited? Anyone in Europe reading this would laugh (...and feel sorry).

I have many musician friends who love Flamenco Guitar, and many of them are "American". Most speak a little Spanish and try to learn more (these are highly educated people). When Spanish Artists come on tour to the U.S. all my friends want me to be there to translate for them, and I am happy to help them. These are always fun get-togethers.

My friends from Spain wish they could speak English, my "American" friends wish they could speak Spanish, and I am the luckiest guy in the room :)

Since when was LIMITATION fun, attractive or interesting?

And if you are going to limit yourself to only one language, for God's sake speak it and write it well.

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