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What else needs to be revealed about this case, and I am only going off of what I have read, is that this cop had done this. But what I think we need someone like Ben Swann to do is reveal something, if he is interested.

I am wondering if there was a cover up involved in this case and I will tell you why. What was disclosed was that this cop in his 50's, article says 58 years old, was looking to reinlist in the military.

Now that is highly suspect.

Not only that, but the cop arrested here, had an affair with the CPS that was investigating abuse with the gal. That is highly suspect in and of itself.

But let's go back to why would a man in his 50's after being in law enforcement want to reinlist in the military?

Well I wonder if there were superiors willing to look the other way and go this route rather than face the piper. I mean....was this a cover up that eventually led to the charging of this cop? Were they not willing to take the wrap when it all went down?

Or were they looking to sweep this one right under the rug.

This story stinks. It appears that others were helping protect. That reinlistment and what the law enforcement knew needs to be investigated further.

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