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You're an idiot.

You will act surprised and wonder why when Americans rise up, say, "no more", and put down tyranny by "policing" the police.

That is when you will see the ignorance that holds badges and guns exposed for what they truly are (and always have been). That is, bullies running amok and unchecked. When you become exposed as this and the general perception is that this is what you are, may God have mercy on your souls. The only direction you will be running, then, is back to your holes where you will hide the fact that you ever held the badge that enforced the ignorance.

We, the people won't allow gestapo tactics on a large scale to be repeated like in 1938.

You will see that in your life's time.

Let me repeat myself. You're an idiot. Your argument to not enforce unlawful laws is to cite something completely irrelevant.

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