Comment: Yes, it's fonta! The tremendous power of love and prayers!

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Yes, it's fonta! The tremendous power of love and prayers!

She truly felt our outpouring of love and God heard our prayers. Fonta wrote and posted that on her own. Her journey, after we joined her on it, sent her on a path towards a miraculous recovery. The Spirit she wrote about in her comment told her to not get that last resort blast of chemo (which would have allowed her to have "one last Thanksgiving" with her family), so the doctors sent her home and told her she had 2 weeks left to live. But, thanks to a few DPers who contacted her personally, she chose to try a modified Gerson's diet which was tailored specifically for her. It's working!!!! She had a wonderful, fun filled, Thanksgiving with her family and is getting ready to enjoy Christmas and many more years with them, too!

A big thank you to God and to everyone here for caring! Fonta still has a long way to go but, amazingly, she is getting stronger and healthier every day. It is nothing short of a miracle!

Sing out, Smudge Pot!

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