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Structural Damage

This equality, in a sense, is the establishment of a Socratic Law that demands the philosophical direction lent to national law respects an inherent foundation. Someone who collects rare coins knows that some are worth far more than others, but this assessment only comes from the mind of a human being - the coins will corrode or oxidize based on their materials if left undisturbed in the wilderness and have the same value as newer or common ones. As I mention to the "Anonymous" poster below, the quality and value of any human being is totally relative. Capacity also varies, but the essential condition is the same.

What many seem to fail to recognize is that although our pride and passion may drive us into an idealized excellence in our individual fields, and that our physical strength and endurance is an intimate hidden value that can often propel an individual beyond the limits of their neighbors, the collective is also constantly at work around us. We both know that this collective is swayed by promises of superiority - it is precisely when the sameness of condition is befuddled that human beings begin to fabricate a responsibility to rule based on superiority. It is a type of structural damage to the integrity of accepted individual freedom.