Comment: I'm glad to hear she is doing better ~ :-)

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I'm glad to hear she is doing better ~ :-)

I hope the modified gerson diet includes the coffee enema. It will help to quickly cleanse toxins from the liver so it doesn't get overtaxed and clogged with poisons and debri. It's a vital component to the therapy and is especially important for people who have had chemo. When a person juices, the fat cells release these chemo residues into the bloodstream so there has to be a way to quickly convey these poisons out of the body so they don't damage organs like the liver, heart, etc. (The liver filters the blood and the CE detoxifies the liver.) If I remember correctly, in the Gerson therapy, they take coffee enemas at least two times per day, sometimes more in the initial stages. I'm just going from memory. The gerson materials explain it better. At the very least have the equipment and the right coffee on hand in case of emergencies.

I'm not an expert. Just recounting a few things I've read.