Comment: You see Dumb1ass this is exactly what I am talking about.

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You see Dumb1ass this is exactly what I am talking about.

If you had really read anything I have posted over the last six months….and you actually “listened’ to this presentation …..You would realize that I have been saying exactly what this guy said.

There is a concept of thought (and you will have to pardon me for not knowing it’s title off the top of my head, and I don’t want to take the time to research it right now…..but you just won’t leave me alone).

So this concept of thought goes something like this….You are introduced to some new information, because of your lack of knowledge in a specific topic ( like banking for you) you believe this new information to be the truth. Because you think this is the truth you blindly go around espousing the new information (Like the Israel crap from Corbett) as an enlightened individual……but also turn away from any new or contradictory information……because this challenges what you know to be the “truth”……and of course you think you are no fool….so you devote yourself to what you think is the “truth” a blindly go in to the world and become a Zealot for your “truth”.

What you fail to do is your own research….and I have seen enough of your crap….and have talked enough with you to know this is EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE. The reason you keep trying to chase me down and challenge me is because I called you out on be a BULLY to newbies… see….. you can come off all high and mighty to them and they either don’t have the knowledge ( which I do ) to refute you…..or they don’t want to bother because they know that you are irrelevant to them…….which everyone on here knows now… add nothing.( like Karen Hudes)

So either pick up a book and learn something……or go back to James Corbett and Alex Jones……I don’t care……..but leave me alone. You bore me and you add nothing to the conversation. No one is interested in your comments.