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You are funny, Michael :)

Hello, Michael.

You made me laugh before going to bed: "This joint is not going to become the Daily Gary Johnson either". You are so humble. You call your awesome website your "joint". You believe so much in FREEDOM you allowed all opinions. If it were a bar you could have called it "The Free-For-All" (...and watch the furniture fly! Lol!!!).

I think you encapsulate the sentiment of THE ORIGINAL RON PAUL
R[3]VOLUTION circa 2007. I learnt about Ron Paul in 2007 and begun supporting him non-stop ever since. I did not come to The Daily Paul until much later because I felt no need to: Myspace was AWESOME in those days.

If I am correct, it seems to me you've had enough. You more than anyone deserve to do - or not do - whatever you want. You are a young guy and deserve to enjoy life. I hope the site stays and remains The Daily Paul and hope it's not much work for you: You have many friends here.

Myself? I am exhausted, disgusted at how Ron Paul, his delegates and all of us were treated. I don't like Rand Paul (long list, one he created for himself). I like Judge Napolitano, but besides for The Ron Paul Movement...let's say that I can't picture him filling Stadiums. I cannot picture anyone filling stadiums and having a Worldwide following as Ron Paul does, and with all that we could not make him President? (...because of all we know prevented it).

All I can say is: God Help Us All. I spent all this year recuperating from 5 exhausting years. Friends of mine who only supported him for the 2012 campaign say they are exhausted. I just think to myself: Really? Multiply by four.

You are an awesome guy, Michael. Everyone in this country owes you BIG TIME for trying so hard to try to help make things better for everyone - even those who don't know you. You helped create a WORLDWIDE MOVEMENT.

I hope to meet you some day and thank you in person.

For 2016 I want a really nice and special girlfriend, more work (this year was the worst ever) to have more income and enjoy life's simple little pleasures. No money bombs for Jesse Benton, sorry Mr. "Thanks for throwing The Ron Paul REVOLUTION under the bus when we were doing better that EVER in mid-summer 2012".

Goodbye Politics. Now, that's FREEDOM. What a relief :)

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