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Comment: Really Not Good

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Really Not Good

Thanks for posting, SteveMT

"Outspoken Upper House Councilor Taro Yamamoto, who is known to be a strong supporter of investigative journalism, minces no words: “The path that Japan is taking is the recreation of a fascist state. I strongly believe that this secrecy bill represents a planned coup d’état by a group of politicians and bureaucrats,” he warned."

That pretty well calls it. People have been under the impression that Japan is
actually a democracy, but the elites that were running things pre-WWII have never
really been out of power - they have just had to keep a somewhat low profile
for a while till the conditions were right for them to go overt again.

Fukushima may have forced their hand, though, and the reaction of people
to nuclear power and the lame handling of the nuke crisis may have been
more than they were bargaining for. There are some encouraging trends
here too, but it doesn't look all that good for the good guys, in the short term

For some good background on how this situation came about and US government

related to the Black Eagle Trust - which some contend was related to 9-11