Comment: Bitcoin is created out of thin air from nothing of value

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Bitcoin is created out of thin air from nothing of value

That gives a pyramid control of the currency which always leads to slavery and genocide.

Its like a dam operator controlling the flow of the water to the advantage of those down stream as well as providing electric from turbines.

It all looks good on paper until the person in the control position use their power position for self gain.

Then they pervert the flow through expansion and contraction of the flow until a flood is caused, then the victims get blamed after all the reason the dam held the water back until bursting was for the good of those folks at the bottom of the pyramid.

Rothschild has enslaved humanity with false claims of national debt using a extorted theft tax system to identify and eliminate any who do not submit.

If bitcoin is the most legit best deal in the entire planet, the Rothschild family will take it over (if they do not own and control it at present) and pervert it as they have every other currency in humanity.

Enlightened disengagement in a leaderless revolt will lead humanity to freedom.