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Thanks :)

"Thomas Jefferson used this reasoning to abolish the right to rule, yes, but it was not simply rhetorical usage against the crown."

-After pondering the issue, I agree with you:)
The very next sentence list qualities we have in common...unalienable rights. In the sense that each man is bestowed by his creator with unalienable rights is a way that all men are created equal.

-Question: he uses "men" instead of "each man", and "they" instead of "each one", and this use of language gives ammunition to the collectivist claim that he was speaking about body politics being created equal and having unalienable rights, not each individual...
Can you point to any language in the DOI that can be used to refute this interpretation? (Assuming you wish to refute the assertion)

I believe he was speaking about the individual not groups.

If the above is too clumsily worded to understand, let me know and I will rephrase.