Comment: Has the current prohibition stopped your "friends" from smoking?

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Has the current prohibition stopped your "friends" from smoking?

No? So why continue it?

If the second hand smoke from your friends bothered you, you should have just left.
But it was ILLEGAL THEN! And they still smoked. So it didn't help.

The only thing that matters is YOUR choice! Did anyone stop you from leaving, going home, or somewhere smoke-free?

Why would your friends want to hang out with you if you infringe on their individual rights, let alone why would you being hanging out with them?

Your story smacks of bullsh!t. You even claimed you knew people who broke into houses and killed people to buy weed. Ridiculous. It isn't heroin, or meth. Only someone with absolutely no actual experience or remotely accurate information on the subject would make such an outlandishly ignorant claim.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?