Comment: No politically alert or mentally invested citizenry

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No politically alert or mentally invested citizenry

Libertarian values can appear on the government agenda, but ultimately, if people want the full ideas of libertarianism, they have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. The main problem with, and a lot of social conservatism, is all about removing all government subsides and let the shit hit the proverbial fan. It leaves no room for the elderly and downtrodden. Somewhere in the middle, libertarian and independent voters are actually the gap. Libertarians have adopted a lot of classic liberal values (not modern, really), and a lot of old Republican ones.

But for so long as people don't take a chance on it, people will continue to say its pie in the sky theory. At what point does libertarianism become anarchist, for instance. Smart libertarians like Rand Paul will continue to placate he mainstream even though we can probably guess his foreign policy decisions would be a lot like Ron Paul.

Pretty much, even if Ron Paul had won the presidency, he would not be able to shut down all these departments overnight. He wanted a transition plan while he was in office. It seems no one understood that, except us, out here on Daily Paul. He was one of the few honest politicians.