Comment: That is such a juvenile

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That is such a juvenile

That is such a juvenile argument. The same could be said for alcohol or cigarrettes. The issue here is that YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DICTATE WHAT PEOPLE DO! NONE!. That being said I dont support drug use of any kind...cigarrettes, alcohol, marijuana...any of it, but the most important gift god ever gave man is free will...I have no right to interfere with that decision and neither do you. I had plenty of opportunities to drink and use drugs growing up but I never did...not once. I excersized my free will to avoid it. I do occasionally have a drink of some sort to be social these days but to this day I have never been drunk and never will be. If you dont want your kids abusing whatever substance its up to you educate them...but you will NEVER be able to force YOUR will on them. Its a choice everyone must make for themselves. I dont even have a problem with those who choose to partake as long as does not harm me or those I love. Driving under the influence(drugs or alcohol) is a crime with a victim. Smoking a joint and NOT driving is not.