Comment: the opposite of a secured

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the opposite of a secured

the opposite of a secured system

If there is no form of encryption that means ANYONE with a will and the means can take advantage of this lack of security

If there IS encryption, either the phone companies are complicit and have provided the keys, or the police have somehow managed to aquire said keys

Its becoming more and more obvious that digital security needs to be extremely beefed up on the USERS end, JUST TO MAKE SURE, in this particular case, for instance, software created on the users end that validates the data has infact been encrypted, plus a gui interface informing the user of the cell towers the phone is connected to, would be easier if the other end, phone companies were complicit, but as this information tells us, they dont give a shit about ACTUALL security.......YES STUPID CORPORATIONS, EVEN FROM YOUSELVES AND GOVERNMENT.......E-SPECIALLY SO