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Unbelievable totalitarian style drivel.

Here's the comment I posted (with just a tad of sarcasm)...

Swifty|12.8.13 @ 9:58AM|#


After all, if your kids do suffer from one of the many possible adverse effects caused by invasive vaccination injection, you can now MAKE A CLAIM for compensation under the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).

That way you can be compensated should your child become a victim of vaccine-related injury or death.

So, if you are FORCED to allow the Medical Industrial Complex to pump toxins into your child, STOP COMPLAINING!

They have got that covered.

If your kid should drop dead or suffer neurological disorders or so on... All you have to do is meet the criteria and have a physician appointed by the Department of Health and Human Services allow you to proceed to court.

Ok, you may lose your kid, but if it does happen, think how much they might allow you to claim (should you meet the requirements)!

What's the problem!

If you can't trust politicians and their friends in the Medical Industrial Complex, you are a kook!

Forced medication is the future, roll up your kids sleeve and SHUT UP!

We know best.