Comment: I have done my own research

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I have done my own research

My intent was to get the opinion of others as noted in the sub title.

My research has confirmed what I knew, its one of the laws of the jungle as well.

Everyone eats, the biger ones eat the littler ones. The more power a puppet government takes the more power those who control governments (Rothschild) use. When you have unlimited money you own everything. When you own everything you control everything.

When you have the apex control the one thing of concern the main focus/goal is to keep that power and control.

A free individual is a threat to a Slave Master and their slave society. Humanity is awakening to the understanding of this false debt slavery and the Rothschild slave system.

So somthing big to distract from the awakening, to allow a Rothschild restructure of false national debt and off to the next 3th cycle. That is if the planet or humanity survives this false 3rd false debt crime cycle.

1st was Austria, it was Rothschild false national debt that led to ww1
2nd was German, was Rothschild false national debt that led to ww2
3rd to come soon is intentional collapse of all the false national debt producing Rothschild central banks, to ww3.