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I am in the GOP fighting for Liberty because I have not forgotten that Freedom is not stagnet but a perpetual fight. There are many places to fight for freedom and many ways. I have chosen to fight the way Ron and Rand Paul fight for liberty.

Rand and his message and his family and friends and supporters are the reason to stay in the good fight in the GOP, claim seats, chairs, committees, form committees, PACs, Caucuses and get LIBERTY back into the conversation locally and nationally.. nationally, Rand is doing an outstanding job, which I find inspirering and helpful in making my stand locally.. I hope more use this opportunity with Rand on MSM to perpetuate the message and understand how to restore the republic.

It's about tham and us. Obama is shutting down the US military. Generals have left, troops reduced, now homeland bases will be shut because of toxic substances.. seems the global government idea isn't appealing to many who join the US military, so Obama is killing the US military.. he had NO intentions of going into Syria.

I completely agree, most people just want to share chicken eggs of apples or zuchini with their neighbors, and if it's not government laws stopping them, it's chicken hawks or fruit flies or gophers, or hail storms..

God created Israel.. The Nation of Israel is secular, religious and spiritual. I believe the Spirirtual Nation of Israel is God's and when you see that.. you will be gin to see Israel with new eyes.

Here is a citizen of the Israel I feel communion, that based on what you seem to appreciate.. you may enjoy this very very much: