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Bad analysis... Bad analysis

You skew the entire argument by your analysis. Don't worry though, it's done the same way by everyone. Allow me to alter it just a little and we'll see if anyone notices the elephant in the text.

Retail price $100.00
Sales and marketing at retail shop $15.
sales and marketing income taxes $1.50.
Retail overhead $5.
Retail financial expenses $25.
Wholesale price $50.
Retail profit $5.
Taxes to business $1.70.

Wholesale materials $6
Manufacture labor $11
labor income taxes $1.
manufacturing financial expenses $30.
manufacturing profit $3.
corporate taxes $.60.

Add up each of the various categories across retail and manufacturing. It should be plainly obvious afterwards that the entire issue of minimum wage is moot and nothing but a divisive diversion.

bonus question: If the web finally realized one of its goals (to consolidate retail and manufacture, by eliminating the sales and marketing), what would the numbers look like then?