Comment: Dear Facebook Idiots

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Dear Facebook Idiots

One would think people at Facebook understand how intellectual property works. If you do not think up an idea you don't own it and whenever one is using intellectual property owned and registered by others there are always strings.

The notion of a real name is so silly I think I want to hear Facebook argue the issue on the merits in one of those so called courts of law. I would like to see Facebook produce a witness that contradicts the plain common sense truth that:

1. When a body comes out of a womb there are no real names tattooed to it.
2. No deity from on high drops out of the clouds to provide bodies real names in the delivery room.
3. When one is born parents or guardians think up a name.
4. A name thought up by parents or guardians is owned by parents or guardians.
5. Parents or guardians register names they think up as persons in states which are members of the United States.
6. When parents or guardians register a name some of the bundle of rights for ownership is surrendered to the state where registered and United States.
7. No parent or emancipated child can elaborate on rights surrendered because no one is ever provided a full and honest disclosure of any bundle of rights surrendered to a state which is a member of the United States for any persons or property placed under its protection during birth registration.
8. There is no law which requires or compels any sovereign, free, and independent American people to self identify using any name they do not own.
9. Free, independent, and sovereign American people can choose to:
a. Self identify using a name that is not theirs because it is thought up by parents or guardians, owned by parents or guardians, and registered in a state which is a member of the United States at birth; or,
b. Self identify using a name they do own because it is their own creation, owned wholly by self, and not registered in any state which is a member of the United States.

In order to prevent arguing an impossibly absurd notion of real names before a tribunal of law Facebook will need to reopen the account and add a feature which allows me to change any name I use whenever it pleases me to insure I am using a real name at all times.