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The entire music industry IS layers of intel. Why do you think so many really talented people get nowhere? Intel looks after IRS business, and music, no matter what genre, attracts sex and drugs, casual illegal business transactions.

I never had any interest in meeting the members of the dead (though I have).. what was so great about the dead was the heads.. I'm grateful to have been part of that community.. it was more my style than corporate plastic.. I loved the parking lot becasue I loved meeting the people and seeing wjhat they were making by hand and selling, and it was inspirering and I felt free..

"High honors" in a secular world is just another committee of people making a living. I'm not going to Judge.. I am a blind sheep who realizies they live in a world of illusion and what people seems many times they are not.. and that's ok.. because it's not between me and them.. it's between me and God, who reveals to me what he wants me to iknow when he wants me to know it.. Yes I believe in miracles.

Look for what is bad in the world and you will find it. It is harder to find what is good. To have blessings to count, look for what is good.