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I mean that if your friends or family or neighbors find out you are a healthy individual with no family history of a negative reaction, then it is okay to make them feel shameful about their choice. I believe the same applies to drunk drivers. It is okay to shame them. It is not only your family who could potentially suffer, but other people in your community as well. The old and young among us are especially vulnerable. Are you afraid of needles? Or are you truly afraid the concoction that makes up a vaccine is truly harmful? The only true way a vaccine works is if the large majority of people are vaccinated. Otherwise your children and elderly are put at a greater risk, and that to me is selfish. It is good to be skeptical, but we have been under this experiment for a few generations and while there are adverse effects to some individuals, we can see that it has really saved millions. Who knows someone with polio within the u.s.?

-Matthew Good