Comment: Finally, I've got an answer for you, a serious answer

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Finally, I've got an answer for you, a serious answer

I'm new to the GOP.. whatever I thought they were.. well, I thought wrong.. I am new to being a treasurer on a committee.. which confirmed that what ever I thought the GOP was, I was wrong.. MOST people are wrong about the GOP (and the Democratic Party).

So what's this got to do with business? That's ALL the GOP is.

Campaigns are businesses, whether the campaign is for a candidate or an issue.. it's a business.. of many small businesses, some better than others..

The people who work on campaigns, are hired for campaigns , candidates and issues, get paid.. people here complain about the half million Jesse Benton made. Jesse Benton didn't make anything compared to many people who run professional campaigns. These professional campaigns are the vehicles that advance candidates and issues throught the party.

I see no reason why the liberty movement is not forming professional businesses to handle candidates and issues, locally and nationally. Maybe it's because we do not have enough people who actually understand how this works.. I didn't until recently.. but this NEEDS to happen.. and a great business is a business that fullfills a need, and everyone profits (wins).