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You just have to say yes without thinking -

These "passions of emotion" require you to just say yes without thinking about them. You can't just say "60%", it has to be 100% or nothing. I said 90% and gave sufficient reason, but we both have 2 down-votes. With a mob whipped up by emotions, it's all or nothing - even if the mob is comprised of our closest friends. Remember that.

As I said below, "Jews have been retuning to and settling in the area of Palestine since the 16th Century. Palestine was actually a British territory recovered from the recently-fallen Ottoman empire in 1917, and both Jewish militants and Muslims alike fought against the British to assert their freedom from colonial rule even before the end of WWII. Many Jews fleeing Nazi persecution who attempted to enter Palestine were even interned to camps by the British in Atlit and Cyprus! It wasn't until Great Britain remanded its colony to the newly formed UN in 1947 that a separate Israel /Palestine/ Jerusalem was instated."

Nobody ever seems to wonder who the puppeteer is - they just hate the puppet.