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"He writes it forcefully with glee and spite."

Interesting choice of words.

With glee and spite. Who do you see me spite-ing? Just curious.

It is just a rough draft. A first draft. But I wanted to get it out of my head, because I've been thinking about it for a while, and I wanted to hear feedback from my peeps here at the DP.

I worry if Michael is experiencing great difficulty.

There is difficulty yes. Change -- metamorphosis -- transformation is always difficult. It is leaving the past behind - the known - for the unknown. No matter how many times you do it, it is still always scary, to put your trust in Faith and jump! The fear is that you'll fall, but the faith is what carries you.

There are difficulties on the personal side. I don't know if you know, my wife's sister was diagnosed with cancer, so we came to Taiwan to care for her, but things didn't really work out as planned. I came with a map, but the map was wrong. And then the map got destroyed, so I was left just kind of thrashing around blind. That's personal difficulty.

And then there is the Daily Paul, and a certain amount of stagnation. Fear, loathing and dread that this is going to turn into the Daily Rand, and I'll be helpless to stop it.

Unlike probably everyone else here, the Daily Paul has always held two prongs of interest for me. One, of course, was the one that everyone else here shared, Ron Paul! Let's get the chant going: Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul!

But it was never about the man, it was always about the message. And the message had the most power when he was on the biggest stage in the world, running for president, speaking truth to power on national television. Metaphorically flipping off the media / corporate / military / industrial complex to its face.

That was great! That is what held the most interest, promise, and hope for me.

But once the election ended, I don't have much interest in his home schooling initiative, or his pay-for-play "Channel." I think it is great that he gets to do stuff he wants to do now that he's out of congress, but it doesn't hold much interest for me.

Nor does his mealy-mouthed politician son.

But one other great interest for me, and the other reason why I started the DP, is the great march of Technology (with a capital T). Where is it going? What does it want?

When this place was all about Rah-Rah Ron Paul! There wasn't much room for that. I followed that line privately, with others, elsewhere.

Anyway, now that the crowd here has thinned out, and most of the high level Paultards are gone (the ones that say, "What does this have to do with Ron Paul!?"), I thought I might share to see if there's anyone else around here that resonates.

I thought I'd dance - just start up a little jig - and see who wants to dance with me.

I've seen others do it, and I dig it. Smudge, Bill, Chris, Ed, jrd, mike, Barracuda, telepathic, Jefferson, Allison. Others more sporadically. I know I'm leaving others out, and I'm sorry.

Here's to the Merry Pranksters of the Daily Paul! These are my people.

Like I said elsewhere: I encourage you to bring your other interests here. Whoa! 85 up votes!

Looks like I'll have some other dance partners. Including you, A-B--B-A.

Study nature, not books.

I dig it. You're one of my people. Thank you.

He's the man.