Comment: jrd - thank you again for the book!

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jrd - thank you again for the book!

I downloaded it to my Kindle, and finished it in a few days. Loved it! Then when I got to the end, Amazon recommends other books, and one of the books it recommended was his memoir:

There's a Road to Everywhere Except Where You Came From

I remember picking that book up in the Harvard Coop a couple of years ago and reading the first few pages. I liked it ok, but didn't have any context, so I didn't buy it. But after finishing that book, I really wanted to read it. Downloaded it and finished it in two days.

Man, I can go for months without finishing a book, but I'm really on a tear now.

A lot of the stories in his first book actually happened. That's not surprising. But, he was in WTC2 when the planes hit! He was in the building. And I guess that is what makes his memoir so interesting.

It is about him moving from Kalamazoo to NYC and trying to make it. The serendipity that leads him to working for Morgan Stanley in Tower 2.

In lots of ways, its kind of self indulgent. And he comes off sounding pretty self absorbed and a jerk.

But I really did love that first book, and I really enjoyed the second.

I also notice that he's the author of a 33-1/3 book:

Pavement's Wowee Zowee

I don't know anything about Pavement, so I certainly don't know that album but maybe you do so I thought I'd pass that along, too.

Thank you for the book!

He's the man.