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Comment: Our 1st Amendment Rights

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Our 1st Amendment Rights

I was handing out fliers at red light intersections, about "Ban the Red Light Cameras" in Apopka Florida. On 9/14/13 Officer Robert Cambell demanded my ID and my name & date of birth. I said no unless I am being arrested! He would not answer. eventually he arrested me for "Resisting Arrest W/O Violence" and sighted me for "obstructing Traffic"?
My charges from 9/14/13, "Resisting Arrest Without Violence" were dropped (NOLLE PROSEQUI) 11/20/13 by the state attorney, Steven Miller. I think the reason for the dismissal was that I was defending myself and after consulting with many other patriots I found a pertinent appeal (MACON v. STATE of Florida # 5D02-2587. 9/19/2003). The Appeal stated that if the infraction is not just the (Resisting Arrest Without Violence FS 843.02) then must be dismissed!
Judge Deb Blechman (this is a good Judge), did not know about this appeal. After she reviewed the appeal, she talked to the State attorney and I for a hour to discourage us from proceeding to trial in December. I said I would not negotiate and wanted to go to court so that I could use Jury Nullification! They did not want to hear the Nullification word! It worked the state dropped the charges. Now I am going to sue them for false arrest and again defend myself.
Mark Schmidter
“It is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak the truth and expose lies.” Noam Chomsky

Mark E. Schmidter