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Totally lost me at:

"Greater Adoption Should Mean Lower, Not Higher Prices"

Money is a medium of exchange. Its sole purpose is to facilitate the exchange it for goods. Its value is derived from what you can buy with it.

If you only want to buy cuban cigars, and the cuban government only allows you to buy those cigars with gold. Then you really have no use for dollars, you just want gold so you can get your cigars. If I don't want cigars, and I want something else, something I can only use dollars to buy, then, for the most part, I really don't give a crap about gold.

Confederate dollars became magically worth something when they were printed. Why? Because they were able to be exchanged for goods (namely due to governmental threats). When the south lost the some currency became absolutely worthless, why? Because it was no longer backed by government threats.

As people adopt bitcoin the amount of goods you can buy with bitcoin increases, and thus its value as a medium of exchange increases, and thus its price increases.